Monday, October 20, 2008

Shower Me With Your Love

I did have a (kid) shower on October 18 thrown by my good friend Cheryl. She demanded that I sit down and not do anything because she says that I do too much all the time for everyone. She wanted an opportunity to do something for me and she did a great job. I was so happy to see people that I forgot to take pictures. Trust me everything was set up beautifully and I received some great practical gifts from my wish list. Now, their closets are not bare.


I don't do the girly shower thing so there were men and women and children. Some of my favorite little ones were here along with my grown up kids and my dad came up from Indianapolis. We really didn't play games but here is one that I thought was fun.

Play now and let me know your score.


Tami said...

So...what was your loot?

VALARIE said...

A lot of reading games and toys, sheets, towels, art things, socks, pajamas, stuff like that.

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