Monday, October 20, 2008

Week #11

Another week has passed and a busy week it has been. I actually had a house full of guest yesterday for my kid shower or baby shower if you prefer. It was a fun time and now I have to find a place for the nice things I received for the kids.

There was one final decision that I had to make about the kids and now that that has been done all systems are a go. I hate to sound cryptic but give me one more week and I'll be ready to give the details. It's been a long road and it looks like my 12-week prediction may be right on target.

In the spirit of waiting and counting here I am at 11. Well, in the first picture I might be 10 but I've posted it anyway just because of the sad puppy dog expression. Robbin you can say what you want to about these pictures but I do have cute legs...still!


Robbin said...

LOL! Girl your momma know she was picking some clothes! Yes your time is counting down! How was the shower?


Bennett said...

Yes we want shower details......I can't wait until week 12 to get teh details.

Waiting w/baited breath


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