Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sorry No Pictures

In all the excitement at the shower or the excitement of being with friends, many people had cameras but no one took pictures. I put the kids gifts away before even thinking about taking pictures.

Sorry. I promise to do better.


Tami said...

Your first test at parenting was the shower and you....FAILED!!!!!!!!!! NO PICTURES!!!!!!! I AM SHOCKED! LOL

VALARIE said...

As usual you are right! LOL

VALARIE said...

I hang my head in shame!

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

LOL! Take everything out and do a reshot...but then again, I probably should shut up since I haven't posted my rummage-sale find from several weeks ago.

PS...have you checked out Tami's dresser for Baby I? Valarie, you are good at interior decorating, just curious...which way would you go with the room look/feel for Baby I's room? I can't wait to see what Tami does!

Shawn said...

No Pictures!! That is so me. I've been forcing myself to take pictures just to post online from time to time. I can understand! Who has time to take pictures when you're having fun right?

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