Monday, October 13, 2008

Week #10

Where does the time go? It is week #10 and there is news coming soon!

But for today all I have is one sad little picture that marks a turning point. I stopped smiling around 10 and didn't smile again I don't think until about age 16.

1976 was not a good year. The year before my parents divorced after 20 years of marriage, my oldest brother best friend left home to go to the military, and my mother had finally had enough of my school and removed me in the middle in the year. Later that year my oldest brother was also severely injured in a car accident. He broke his neck and was hospitalized and in traction for nine months. He spent the next year in a back brace. There was so much going on that I guess it explains why there are so few pictures.

Before you all start sending condolences we are all okay. It was a very long time ago I just want you to know why I look so pitiful in the pictures. Fast forward 32 years and I'd put on that same sad expression if I thought it would make things move faster.

Pitiful...Pitiful. I call this picture Little Girl Blue.

Note: Thank you Robbin for starting this exercise. It is definitely a fun way to pass the time and it has also caused me to take a look back that I don't think I've ever really done. Looking through pictures and trying to figure out why they stopped or when I lost that happy innocence. This has really been a pretty powerful exercise and reminds me that my children will also be looking at back at some point trying to put the pictures together. Wow...more than I would have thought this would be.


Angela said...

You were still a cute little girl even with the sad eyes.

Robbin said...

Um doesn't everyone SMILE for their pics, even a fakey? This is so cute!!! You look so sad, but so grown up and wise beyond your years. A lot was going on and even at this young age, you just KNEW!


Anonymous said...

That is one sad picture. Glad all worked out and your smile is back. AND, I'm glad you are getting closer to GOOD NEWS. Fingers crossed it comes this week!


Bennett said...

Hey valerie,

Wow I never thought of Robbin's invention as a way of free therapy...I guess that is a good way to look at things we simply tuck under the carpet, or choose not to deal with especially when we are young, and don't have the skills to cope. There are also voids in our family album book during times of family problems.

I guess those sad eyes will soon turn into a sparkling eyes with the good news that is soon to follow. Can't wait


Tami said...

Dang!!!!! That is one sad sad blue picture! Pitiful, just pitiful! LOL

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